Identity Study-Borders and Belonging

National Identity

There is a singularity to this topic around the theme of the outsider and nation.  This ‘outsider’ experience takes at least two quite distinctive forms.

One is concerned with the immigrant / asylum seeker and by extension with the so-called ‘immigrant community’.

The second is concerned with the conflict between regional identity and British identity, which includes Scottish, Welsh and Irish national identities in opposition to the idea of a “united kingdom”.

Looking at recommended films makes clearer the different directions it is possible to go in with this topic:

Films raising issues about immigration / asylum, etc

Last Resort

Click Here


Dirty Pretty Things

In This World



Films raising issues about the nature of personal identity in a “United Kingdom” include:

In the Name of the Father (US Trailer Only)


A Way of Life

House of America

Screen Shot 2013-08-16 at 16.48.51

This film is jam packed with a classic soundtrack, sharp writing, brilliant performances, dark themes and a brimful of visual metaphors. IT is a classic film to study if you want to understand film language in contemporary British film.

Screen Shot 2013-08-16 at 16.55.30

Here is a very useful additional resource published by Routledge (The publishers of the AS and A2 text books)

Click to access british-film.pdf

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